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MATRIX Industry (CHINA) LIMITED Launches Revamped Website for Enhanced User Experience


Shandong Zibo,Nov.7 2023 – MATRIX Industry (CHINA) LIMITED, a leading provider of top-quality refractory and insulation materials, is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned website. The newly revamped site is now live and aims to provide an improved and more user-friendly experience for customers, partners, and industry professionals.

The redesigned website comes as part of MATRIX’s ongoing commitment to offering the best solutions for its customers in various high-temperature industries, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing, glass and ceramics manufacturing, power generation, and more.

The key features of the new website include:

  1. Enhanced Navigation: The website offers improved navigation to help visitors find information about the extensive range of refractory and insulation products quickly.
  2. Updated Product Catalog: MATRIX’s comprehensive product catalog has been updated for easy browsing, including detailed product descriptions and specifications.
  3. Industry Applications: The website includes informative sections highlighting how MATRIX’s products are used in various high-temperature industries, ensuring customers can better understand the practical applications.
  4. Latest News: Stay informed about the latest advancements in refractory materials and industry-related news in the dedicated news section.
  5. Contact and Support: Get in touch with MATRIX’s dedicated team or explore the technical support resources available to assist customers.

MATRIX Industry (CHINA) LIMITED is confident that the new website will improve user experience, making it more accessible and informative. The company remains committed to delivering exceptional quality, uncompromising standards, and innovative solutions for refractory and insulation needs across the industry.

For more information and to explore the new website, please visit www.mx-refractory.com.


MATRIX Industry (CHINA) LIMITED is a leading provider of high-quality refractory and insulation materials for various high-temperature industries. With a commitment to innovation and exceptional quality, MATRIX offers a wide range of refractory products that meet the stringent demands of the metallurgical, glass, ceramics, power, and other industries. The company’s expertise, combined with its dedication to customer satisfaction, sets it apart as a reliable partner in providing refractory solutions.





MATRIX Industry (CHINA) LIMITED Launches Revamped Website for Enhanced User Experience